Ten Ways to Make your Brand Memorable on Social Media

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Ten Ways to Make your Brand Memorable on Social Media

By Joanna Miskin

We've compiled our Top Ten for how to make your brand stand out on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Read on to discover how you can make the most of your social media marketing campaigns, with some simple tweaks.


Approach your content marketing in the same way that you would your usual annual marketing plan. Set out a one-year short-term plan to support overarching marketing and business goals. Set objectives and detail how you will achieve these objectives through an acquisition and retention strategy. Write down how you will measure your successes and failures and put together a budget by distribution channel.


At the core of every brand is a remarkable story.

It is well documented that sympathy, empathy and emotional responses to advertising creates a stronger, connection with your brand.  Story telling will get your audience to connect with you and then keep them interested. 

Story telling traditionally has three different types of ‘plot’. The ‘challenge’ plot where a protagonist overcomes great difficulty.  The ‘connection’ plot, which occurs in stories about togetherness or coming together, which works well for charities but can also work well for businesses with a global presence such as Air BnB whose campaign has been “connecting people around the world” or Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”.

The final plot type is the ‘creative’ plot which focuses on looking at things in a new way. Examples of this type of plot include Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese showing its audience how it can use it in recipes, or Lego’s sticky tape which allows you to build upside down and up walls!


Use a range of creative multi-media which your audience can consume quickly and will want to share. Also keep on touch with emerging trends and technologies for example, in 2016 Facebook-owned Instagram launched Instagram stories which enabled users to post photos which disappear 24 hours later, much like Snapchat.

Start making Vlogs, Webinars and commit to getting that You Tube channel up and running. 

Use a combination of professional photography and re-post images created by your following.


Twitter and Instagram both use the Hashtag to engage more users. Getting to grips with this will help you to tell your story. 

Research and find a popular hashtag to jump on the back on or be daring and create your own – but make sure it is inspiring enough and simple enough for your following to want to use. Have a look at Instagram’s #MARCHMEETTHEMAKER for more inspiration on how to start out with a targeted campaign which will give your following exclusive behind the scenes access to your business as well as giving your brand a ‘human face’.


Content is King and original content is the King of Kings. Survey results are always of great interest to consumers if they are interesting enough. 

Journalists also love survey results especially if they answer a question which is topical, or provide some surprising revelations. If it is picked up socially it can often find its way into print media such as relevant consumer press and even national press.


Make some time to research relevant awards. Look at what your competition are doing and take the time to submit your entry. Once you have won an award or even been a runner up, you will be entitled to add a badge to your website which adds credibility to your brand and reinforces trust with your target audience.


Consider appointing a social media agency who specialise in keeping in touch with your existing social media audiences and growing them. It is their responsibility to keep on top of their likes and dislikes and to provide content to them that will be useful or inspiring to them. Sometimes it helps to bring the virtual world into the real world and organising a conference or event or function where your community can come together will reinforce commitment to your brand. This establishes a personal connection with followers and builds a lasting relationship.


Keep on top of what is happening in the news and your industry in particular. Comment on events and relevant popular hashtags. Consider regular posts against hashtags such as  #TravelTuesday, #TuesdayMotivation or #WorldHeritageDay 


Linking to a blog or vlog that includes impressive guest content could well bring some of their followers to you. Share their content, mention them by name e.g. @zoella. Find the most viewed video blogs on You Tube that relate to what you do and share their videos ie if you work for a family brand you might consider aligning yourself with other brands such as ‘You Baby, Me Mummy’ or other Mummy Vlogs. Linking to high profile people or brands will increase the credibility of your online brand and you might even get a mention from one of the social media greats themselves. 


Use Google Analytics and free analytics software on all of your social media platforms to measure successful content. Most analytics will show you how many people have liked, commented or shared your posts and how far that content travelled beyond your original social community ie its reach. If you found a particular piece of content successful, research why it was successful ie timing, topical, creative or funny and consider producing more of the same. Look to your competition for ideas and what has worked for them. Observe what others are doing, even outside of your industry, if it is having success and resonating with its following. 

For more information about making your brand stand out in social media, contact one of our team at SCS Marketing & PR on +44 (0) 1252 621 293 or email info@scsmarketingandpr.co.uk and see how we can help your business today.

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