Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Subscriptions

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Instagram Badge

By SCS Marketing & PR Team

Instagram started introducing Instagram Subscriptions last year as its newest feature which enable creators to earn money from the video-sharing platform.

Content creators and micro-influencers can simply add a button to their profile that give their followers the opportunity to purchase a monthly subscription. The aim of Instagram Subscriptions is for creators to earn a scalable income from the social media channel. Model prices start from around £1 to £100.

It has been predicted that by adding this feature, the platform will become more valuable and helpful to content creators and micro-influencers who want to release exclusive content to subscribers only. This, in turn, means these individuals can make a more sustainable and predictable living out of using Instagram, aside from relying on any influencer income generated from fee-paying brands and freebies.

Content creators, typically, still earn modest incomes from Instagram despite some influencers having huge followings. By introducing Instagram Subscriptions, the platform is relying on the fact that subscribers will be happy to support influencers if it means they will gain access to exclusive content.

The Instagram Subscriptions feature offers several different features including

Subscriber Chats – Instagram is implementing this add-on so creators can build a closer community with their subscribers. Up to 30 subscribers can join chat from a new ‘join chat’ sticker – which are powered by Messenger – that influencers post on their story

Exclusive Posts and Instagram Reels – these posts and reels are seen as an effective way of attracting new subscribers and for content creators to grow their community

Subscriber Stories – like Posts and Reels, these will only be available for subscribers. Creators do this by clicking on the purple circle to create stories exclusive to subscribers (instead of the green circle for friends)

Subscription Live – this feature enables influencers to create subscriber lives who will be notified whenever you go live so they can access the creator’s Instagram Live

Subscriber Badge Icon – this last feature is a badge that is given to people who subscribe – simple. It will be displayed every time a subscriber interacts with the creator

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