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We are an experienced, local influencer marketing agency which helps brands to connect with influencers on Instagram and beyond.
Using SCS Marketing & PR as your influencer marketing agency, removes the need for a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach which is very time consuming.
If you are a start-up or rapid growth brand, an influencer marketing campaign will rapidly grow your brand online. We accelerate this growth for you by tapping into our existing influencer relationships instantly, so you can launch your campaign and start to see results immediately.

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Successful Influencer marketing 

Influencers are commercially aware and understand what their impact is. They can see whether they have directly attributed to sales. When we select an influencer we consider reach, relevance and relationship – with the most emphasis on relationship. A successful relationship lets everyone profit from it. The brand in terms of awareness and the influencer in terms of followers. 

What is an influencer Pod?

We are also able to establish if an influencer is in a pod or not. There are positives and negatives of a pod. The positives of a Pod is that the Pod can still be really interested in the brand (rather than just providing an empty ‘like’) plus additional influencers might reach out to us with interest in joining your campaign. The negatives of a pod are that the pod might like without buying into the brand message. 

Featured Clients

Gifted Influencer Campaign Vs Paid Influencer Campaign

A gifted campaign is a relationship game, a paid campaign is a numbers campaign. 

Your Brand Story for Influencer Marketing Outreach 

With our background in PR, we also help brands understand that a strong story inspires influencers more. Influencers want to align themselves with you aesthetically or ethically – and time relevant or seasonal campaigns are very effective because this enhances an influencer’s grid or stories which in turn benefits an influencer in terms of attracting followers. 

When we reach out to a targeted audience for a brand campaign, we reach out manually to our trusted influencers to ensure they are active, suitable, relevant – and most importantly, interested!

Macro and Micro Influencers

We work with the biggest TV personalities which the largest broad followings, to very niche micro influencers on Instagram who have ‘super fan’ communities and are exceptionally loyal.

Campaign Administration

We track all actions including: Has an influencer received a product? Has an influencer posted? Has an influencer tagged a brand? Discount code use is managed by our brands, but we keep a dialogue open so we can manage success.

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