PR is Part of Every Successful Business

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By SCS Marketing & PR Team

BUSINESSES rely on reputation in order to grow and succeed in the selling products or services. It establishes and manages how a company is perceived by the marketplace and it has the power to be transformational for companies from start-ups all the way up to a market leaders.


PR influences how a consumer feels about a brand. If they feel favourably about your brand over another, they will make positive purchasing decisions, so it directly impacts the bottom line. Positive media attention with carefully crafted PR stories are designed to capture the hearts and minds of your audience and raise a brand’s profile. By keeping the press informed about a company’s product or service, the brand controls the message and the narrative and taps into the vast audiences engaged with large scale, far reaching publications.


At SCS Marketing & PR for example we employ ex-national newspaper journalists to head up our teams. Newspapers, magazines, websites, including TV and radio, will not advertise an organisation for free but they will print a well written story from a PR agency that they can trust to deliver. We build relationships with publications and they know we provide them with top quality, organic editorial coverage that can be used immediately rather than rewritten or respun. Our contacts keep in touch for the next time they have a story or feature because they know they can always expect some informative and authentic creative input from the PR agency.


Businesses use external PR agencies to manage their communications and act as their press office. Experienced PRs know exactly where to place PR coverage for a brand and how to handle and make the most of media enquiries.

Gaining regular mentions in respected media titles can do wonders for an organisation’s brand recall. The more the target audience hears about the company, the more likely they are become to become a customer, as the brand appears everywhere, frequently making it appear credible and formidable.


Industry awards show your team you care about your business and you care about them and this translates positively to you and your customers. The feel good factor of winning an award is not to be underestimated. It adds enormously credibility and places your business firmly on the map in your industry.

Being an award-winning business attracts the top talent to your team, which allows you to consistently turn out top quality products and services. And your customers are watching all of these successes and feeling great about being on the journey with you too.


Gaining PR coverage has other huge benefits for other marketing channels, such as for SEO and social media.

If a PR agency secures editorial coverage on a high-level website with a strong domain authority which includes a ‘follow’ link back to the brand’s website then this will be recognised by search engines, such as Google. As a result, rankings for keywords improve in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Equally, the story on the media site can be shared across a company’s social media, further highlighting to its followers how credible it is thanks to the coverage. It’s a win-win for PR, SEO and social media.

About Us

Founded in 2011, SCS Marketing & PR is a full service marketing and PR agency. Working with businesses across a multitude of industries we have placed stories into national press from tabloids to broadsheets as well as the specific industry publications and lifestyle magazines.

Straight off the back of solid PR coverage in print we have also placed many of our brand owners onto TV shows such as The One ShowJames Martin’s Saturday Morning Kitchen, DIY SOS and various TV News Channels.

If you would like to discuss how you could take advantage of the many opportunities that PR can bring to you business, do get in touch using the CONTACT US page, email or call 01252 621293.