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Renault Case Study

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Client: Renault
Service: Public Relations (PR)

Background: Renault is a leading French automotive manufacturer and has been a prominent player in the global automobile industry for over a century. With a diverse range of vehicles, a strong commitment to innovation, and a global presence, Renault has established itself as a brand known for its quality and reliability.

In the highly competitive automotive industry, building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is paramount. Renault recognised that regional PR and promoting its dealerships nationwide play a vital role in shaping these relationships. Therefore, the company adopted a proactive approach to engage with local communities and enhance customer experiences by engaging with SCS Marketing & PR to raise the profile of its franchise dealerships nationwide.

Objectives: The SCS PR team set out several objectives including establishing a strong regional presence to ensure that Renault remains top-of-mind for consumers in specific geographic areas.  We also sought to improve the brand’s image regionally by actively participating in local events, supporting community initiatives, and highlighting Renault’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

SCS was also keen to foster deeper connections between Renault headquarters and dealership networks by conducting regular visits and open dialogues with dealers, as well as drive showroom foot traffic and increase vehicle sales by creating buzz and excitement through regional PR campaigns.

The Solution: SCS’s regional PR initiatives were designed to connect with local communities, address their specific needs, and demonstrate the brand’s dedication to the regions where it operated. Key activities included establishing strong relationships with local media outlets, ensuring that its activities received ample editorial coverage in regional newspapers, magazines and websites which helped increase brand visibility and building trust among consumers.

SCS also worked on event sponsorships of various local events, such as charity runs, sports tournaments, and cultural festivals. This allowed the brand to directly engage with local residents and showcase its commitment to community development. The team also initiated public safety campaigns about safe driving practices, seatbelt usage, and the dangers of distracted driving, positioning Renault as a responsible and safety-oriented brand.

Results: The outcome of the regional PR initiatives was positive and the successes included: increased brand visibility and awareness in specific counties, improved brand perception and corporate responsibility image, enhanced relationships with local communities leading to higher customer loyalty and a boost in showroom traffic in target regions. The PR campaign highlighted that local PR engagement is key
to engaging with local communities, that authenticity matters as customers appreciate efforts to connect with them on a personal and community level. while Renault’s commitment to safety and sustainability also resonated well with consumers.

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