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Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station Case Study

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Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station

Client: Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station
Service: Public Relations (PR)

The Background: The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station, produced by Chemtra Limited, was the first completely touch-free wireless pedal-operated hand sanitiser dispenser to be launched in the UK. The user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down on the pedal and out squeezes the gel. With no hand contact, the safety and hygiene of users would be ensured at all times and means organisations could actively contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus and other bacteria in offices, shops, schools and more.

The Challenge: With the sudden occurrence of coronavirus in the UK in February 2020, and businesses rushing to make their organisations ‘COVID-secure,’ the market for hand sanitisers and dispensers sky-rocketed in the space of a few weeks. In order to secure a key share of the market and maximise this growth period Chemtra Limited needed to act quickly to raise awareness of their product and its key features. SCS Marketing & PR was appointed as Igieniko’s PR agency and its brief was to generate press coverage and gain the brand awareness needed to increase sales.

The Solution: SCS Marketing & PR created a comprehensive PR strategy and media buying advertising campaign targeting at both businesses and consumers. Knowing that trust in a product is paramount especially when it comes to staying safe and healthy in a pandemic, the strategy focussed on building confidence in the Igieniko brand by promoting its unique touch-free features, and how its sanitiser gel, provided by Chemtra Limited, met World Health Organisation approval. Businesses installing the dispensers would also benefit from the trust instilled in end users.

The B2B campaign targeted business owners and facility managers in a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, including bars, restaurants and hotels, and education, such as schools, colleges and universities, and retailers and other businesses. SCS reached all of these audiences by producing interesting and engaging ‘newsworthy’ content such as press releases, features and case studies aimed at targeted press publications. The PR focused on how Igieniko could help a business get back up and running in a COVID-secure way, enabling staff to return to work with confidence, and to help bring in more relaxed customers.

To reach the B2C section of society, SCS also ran a trust-building campaign in local and regional press, reassuring consumers that using the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser, coupled with other hygiene and social distancing measures would ensure a safe environment for working, shopping and socialising.

The Results: In total, SCS generated more than 20 pieces of published PR about Igieniko in a short sharp PR campaign, reaching an audience of 1,002,834 and recording £11,500 worth of media coverage for the brand using Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) as a metric.

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